Sony Q2 2019 mobile phone shipment sees a a very large decline

Sony Q2 2019 mobile phone shipment sees a a very large decline
Sony Q2 2019 mobile phone shipment sees a a very large decline

Sony mobile phone business has not been right on top over the past couple of years – and while the company might have hoped that the recent release of their flagship device would have boosted up the sale numbers – this hasn’t been the case. Indeed the Japanese manufacturer’s mobile phone business saw continuous losing streak in Q2 2019.

The latest report surrounding Sony and its mobile division says that the company managed to ship only 900,000 smartphones between April and June – such a disappointing figure is making a large number of people wonder why the company has refused to close down the mobile division. Such a figure also showcases the lowest shipment numbers in past nine years for Sony.

In the same period last year, the Japanese company managed to ship about 2 million smartphones. This too wasn’t too satisfying for a company that was seemingly enjoying shipments of up and about ten million units each quarter back in 2014.

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As a result of the disappointing figures, Sony has adopted a more pragmatic approach with regards to sales – as the company has lowered its expectations for the rest of year, putting its projected shipping estimates at four million phones by the end of this year. This figure is one million down from what was previously approximated to be  five million units. Obviously as Sony is realistically viewing the amount of shipments, it would also require the brand to take a more realistic approach when it comes to revenue as well – and so is the case – as the firm projects that it will only bring in $3.55 million in revenues – this being seven percent below what was previously estimated. Operating income too is likely to take a hit.

Like I said above, Sony was very hopeful with the launch of the Xperia 1 – the company’s flagship device which was launched at the backend of May. The phone has great features – everything you would expect from a flagship smartphone, however, the massive price tag that it came with raised a few eyebrows. This might be one of the reasons the phone hasn’t been one of the successes of the year so far.However Sony is still positive that it can turn its fortunes around and with the second half of 2019 still to go, Sony will be hopeful that the Xperia 1 yields a more positive result.


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