Sony reveals the latest Android Pie update schedule

Sony reveals the latest Android Pie update schedule
Sony reveals the latest Android Pie update schedule

Sony has just revealed its schedule for the Android Pie update rollout for some of the devices that the company possesses, and by the looks of it, there might be a few devices, actually, there will be a few devices belonging to the company that will receive the new software ahead of the original schedule that was posed by the company.

A few months ago, Sony announced that six of its Xperia XZ devices would get the Pie update no longer than in November, while three of the Xperiadevices would most likely get the update in early 2019. However, the events following last week have taken many by surprise, as the XZ2 and XZ2 compact have just began to receive their update earlier – much earlier than expected.

Sony has commented on the reports at hand by stating that the XZ Premium, XZ1, and the XZ1 compact will also get the updates sooner than we’ll be expecting, much similar to the case that I have just mentioned before.

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And as the case remains, the other Sony phones will be receiving the update as per the original schedule. The company will begin to rollout the update for the XZ2 Premium starting from the 7th of November, while the rest of the lot, ranging from the likes of the XA2, to the likes of the XA2 Ultra, and the XA2 Plus, all will be the recipient of the update from the 4th of March, next year. While it is true that this is much later than we were expecting, and actually much later than should be the case, Sony does actually deserve some credit as it does at least give out a date, this being more than what many other Android OEMs have managed to do.

And while the dates have been given out, it is also true that the phone’s mentioned won’t necessarily get the updates on the days that the company has gone on to state. The company itself has commented on this particular issue by stating that software rollouts are actually a phased process, and when you actually will receive the update depends on a numbers of factors, and amongst these include where you are located, and of course, your carrier.


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