So the Japanese brand Sony is well known for its gaming console the PlayStation, which has for so long been the market leader in that department. But when it comes to mobile phones, more conclusively smartphones, the company has yet to shine in that market. The company for so long has not been able to gain any steps towards its competitors.

The company however, is constantly working on changing there market repute as the company is gearing up to launch some pretty amazing devices. The company may not be a big player in the smartphone market as it stands, but the company has been  releasing flagships powered by the latest Snapdragon processors every year to in turn compete in that market as well.

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Moreover, the first evidence of Sony’s Snapdragon 865 flagship has surfaced via the company’s firmware distribution server. The chipset which has been given the name of  SM8250, was mentioned in the server. SM8250 is said to be the new generation Snapdragon 865 processor which is most likelyto replace the current and only recently announced SD855 Plus. Not much is known about this chipset except that it may come in possibly two variants one will be the traditional 4G version while  another one with an integrated 5G modem (x55) will also reportedly be in the mix.This in turn makes sense for Qualcomm to release two variants of its flagship processor. To recall, Huawei also has 4G and 5G variants of its Kirin processors.

Furthermore,the 5G technology is only going to intensify come the year 2020, however,even after the global launch of the new network the newest addition to the tech era will still not be available in all the countries exclusively. Moreover, 5G technology is pretty expensive. So smartphone manufacturers will more likely prefer to have two variants of there  high-end and flagship smartphones, a top-end model with 5G and a cheaper one with 4G. And the two variants of Snapdragon 865 would perfectly align with the plans of most major brands in the smartphone technology game.

As for Sony’s Snapdragon 865 flagship, we’ll likely see it at MWC 2020 Barcelona. The company unveiled the ultra-tall Xperia 1 with Cinema Wide display along with the Xperia 10 and 10 Plus models at MWC in February this year.


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