A new image is going all over the internet, as to how the Sony Xperia XZ3 will look. At this point, we don’t what to believe. The rumors at this point seem to be quite endless, and most of these are in clear contradiction to the latest picture which was recently posted on the internet. Sony will reportedly unveil at the upcoming IFA 2018, which will take place in Berlin, next week.

The latest rumors seem to suggest that the phone would not actually feature a notch. While a notch is absent, Sony actually sticks to its design language, supporting rather big bezels, present both on the top and on the bottom. Sony seems almost stubborn in its approach, as the company was severely criticized over the years for supporting these large borders. While the criticism was severe, Sony tried its best to deal with it by stating that these borders were actually a necessity; as they were required accommodate the top and bottom front firing speakers. One is present below the logo, while the earpiece doubles as another one.

One rumor a few months back actually suggested that the phone in particular could feature FHD+ resolution, integrated into a screen without a notch. Curved glass was another rumor which was going around with regards to the phone, however, these reports don’t seem to be all that reliable, so as of now, we are pretty much in the dark.

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However while there is a disconnect between the old and new rumours, one rumor going around right now, which isn’t in contradiction to the previous chatter is the presence of a single camera on the XZ3. After the announcement of the 48MP IMX586 sensor, reports have actually surfaced which claim that the Xperia XZ3 will be the first phone to actually employ it, featuring as a single camera solution.

A fingerprint scanner is placed on the back, dead center on the back, mind you. While the fingerprint scanner is pretty much on the center, another sensor is sitting right between the camera and the flash. The purpose of this is it will probably offer focus support as part of the Hybrid focus which Sony will employ. A button is also placed on the right edge, which will be dedicated as a camera button, which is proof enough that this phone will in particular be focused around the 48MP camera which I mentioned previously.

As far as the rest of the specs go, there isn’t a shortage of rumors with them, either. The internals are supposed to be of flagship esque, as this phone is supposed to compete with the rest of the flagship. It is expected that the phone will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, coming along with 6GB of RAM, while the phone will probably employ 128GB of internal storage.


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