SOPs Completely Being Ignored as Country Reverts to Normalization

SOPs Completely Being Ignored as Country Reverts to Normalization

At the point when the Sindh government lifted a drawn out lockdown not long ago, keeping in see the declining instances of Covid-19, government agents, pastors and wellbeing specialists kept on focusing on that the finish of the lockdown didn’t mean the finish of the pandemic. In addition, they industriously spoke to individuals to keep observing the pandemic-related standard working strategies (SOPs). 

Nonetheless, their interests appeared to be failing to receive any notice. Scores of residents rushed to the sea shores in Karachi, tossing all precautionary measures to twist, only seven days after the lockdown was lifted. 

While pictures of individuals swarming Sea View sea shore on Independence Day left numerous on edge, expecting that the dismissal for insurances would offer ascent to another flood of the infection, many advanced toward Hawkes Bay and Paradise Point at an early stage Sunday morning. While they headed out to the sea shores in vehicles and transports, the city saw a large number of its streets getting stifled with substantial traffic. 

The circumstance was the same at the sea shores themselves – they came up short on the parking spot for vehicles. 

Then, the cottages at these excursion focuses, as well, appeared to have missed the mark regarding space to oblige all the picnickers. 

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Numerous among the guests revealed to The Express Tribune that they had arranged an excursion to the sea shore when the government loosened up the lockdown, since they had been denied of the relaxation – the main reasonable wellspring of amusement in the city for a few families – for quite a while. 

The picnickers paid little regard to the declarations by police officers and salvage laborers, cautioning them against foraying excessively profound into the water. They were sent at recreational spots to manage any crises that may happen. 

The Sindh government had forced a limitation on visiting sea shores in the wake of the coronavirus breakout. The restriction on visiting the city’s sea shores stayed set up for around five months and was lifted a week ago, though with the counsel that residents stick to SOPs. 

Be that as it may, not many individuals followed the warning. 

As per police faculty conveyed at these recreational spots, the group that turned up at the city’s sea shores was tremendous and all cabins, even those in decrepit conditions, were involved. 

Prior, Sindh Health Minister Dr Azra Fazl Pechuho had asked general society to keep on practicing safeguard and watch the standard working strategies concocted regarding the pandemic, in spite of the government lifting the lockdown. 

In a video articulation, the wellbeing pastor said that lifting the lockdown didn’t imply that the coronavirus had been killed and observing SOPs was as yet vital. She underlined that the lockdown had been lifted keeping in see the financial challenges looked by an enormous segment of society and not on the grounds that the pandemic had finished.


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