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South Korea is looking to Mass Produce their Antibody Treatment

South Korea seem to be providing some hope to the globe with continuous testing of their antibody vaccine bearing fruit. The South Korea health authorities have stated that the country is looking in to the option to mass-produce an antibody treatment of the novel coronavirus, later in the month if all goes well. 

South Korea’s drug ministry is currently reviewing phase 2/3 clinical tests for their antibody-based treatment and the ministry is aiming at the mass-production of the commercial antibody vaccine  for the novel coronavirus in September, according to Kwon Jun-wook, deputy chief at the Central Disease Control Headquarters. It should be noted that, Health researchers are already analyzing the results of the phase 1 trial, which has been approved by the drug ministry on July 17. In addition, they have also received an  approval for the phase 1 study of the treatment in Britain on July 29.

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For blood plasma-based treatment, health authorities said the drug ministry approved the phase 2 study of its development on August 20, and six medical institutions which also include the likes of Samsung Medical Centre and Asan Medical Centre are going to verify the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine on implementation on the COVID-19 patients. Health authorities have also added that the blood plasma material for the phase 2 trial will begin production on Tuesday and supply of the substance is set to be done somewhere in between the month of October. 


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