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South Korea on top as far as 5G goes

5G networking, as one might expect, has become the hallmark for developed nations, as various countries across the world are racing so as to adopt the newer and faster bandwidth. And now, a new report has gone on to reveal the global standing of multiple nations with respect to progress in the 5G department.

In respect to what a latest report has suggested, it has been said that South Korea is still in fact the global leader as far as 5G goes. Meanwhile, as far as the case for Europe goes – it seems as if Switzerland is actually leading the race in the continent – as the country cements its way in the second spot. Of course this also means that Switzerland has surpassed Kuwait as far as the case goes for the second position. As per the report, five key factors were actually taken into consideration for the sake of compiling the data for the first quarter of the year. Switzerland actually surpassed Kuwait as it had 426 cities and towns having at least 80 percent 5G coverage with the number further going on to expand to 535 by May.

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Furthermore, it was also pointed out that device availability has been limited – which of course represents a major hindering factor with respect to people’s exposure to the new generation of telecom networking. Of course at this very moment in time, a good example would be smartphones, as 5G enabled handsets only make up a fraction of the overall market, despite the fact that shipments have gone on to increase immensely over the course of the recent months. The report also proceeded on to reveal that South Korea is actually at the top with 5.88 million 5G enabled devices – or about ten percent of all that is being used in the country.


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