Spanish singer killed by an exploding firework on stage

Spanish singer killed by an exploding firework on stage
Spanish singer killed by an exploding firework on stage

So it has been reported that a well known Spanish singer Joana Sainz Garcia has died after she was reportedly hit by an exploding firework while she was performing in concert.

The singer who was only 30, was struck by a cartridge from a pyrotechnic device which in turn knocked her unconscious at around 2am local time. According to reports she was then taken out from the scene by a team of  paramedics who took Joana to a hospital somewhere in Madrid where after she was pronounced dead by the local authorities.

In addition to things a Spanish publication, DiarioMontañés has reported that Joana Sainz Garcia was performing during the final night of a four-day festival in the Avila province, Las Berlanas, and with her,she was accompanied by the Super Hollywood Orchestra. Reports claim that around 1,000 people watched the incident from their very own eyes and were left horrified by what had occurred. The performance was immediately halted as people were left confused as to what had occurred, was it a stunt? Was it real? Will the concert continue, Is Joana alright? Questions like these were asked by the audience although no one knew the answer.

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A doctor and nurse, believed to be in the audience, went on to the singer as they waited for the hospital staff to arrive.

According to Spanish newspaper El Norte de Castilla, Prones 1SL the promoter of Super Hollywood Orchestra  deemed the incident to be ”unfortunate” and said the fault was probably because of a manufacturing error. “ From the direction of the company Prones 1SL agency that represents the Super Hollywood Orchestra and all our staff, musicians, assembly and artists in general, [we] express our most heartfelt condolences to the family and friends for the loss of our colleague Joana,” Prones 1SL added.

“She always showed an exemplary behavior in term of both personal and artistic, in addition to a great human quality. It’s going to be for all of us very difficult to overcome her absence.” Moreover, Footage regarding the incident is already circulating social media which basically shows the moment of the explosion, when it occurs.


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