Special announcement scheduled by Qualcomm On the 19th of March

As recent as Wednesday, Qualcomm took the aid of Twitter in order to reveal that the company has quite a special announcement in store for all the fans, and this announcement will take place on the 19th of March. While there is not actually a whole lot of information that Qualcomm has revealed with regards to the nature of the announcement, the attached image by the company most certainly hints out that it will probably be an announcement which is related to audio.

So if we can take the hint as being related to audio, then the best guess would probably lead to a new audio chipset or perhaps audio technology. Around a year ago, Qualcomm announced the QCC3026 audio SoC for the case of entry-level as well as mid-range Bluetooth earphones.

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The chipset aids into bringing true wireless Stereo Plus to earphones with the aid of connecting the phone to both earbuds in a simultaneous manner. This is found inside the Oppo I-Free Wireless Earphones, while also being present inside the Mavin Air-X earbuds.

There is also quite the possibility that next Tuesday’s announcement which will probably be related to audio turns out to be a new audio SoC that brings about improvement to wireless audio.

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