The foldable phone coming from Korean tech giant, Samsung has been in the works for quite some time – and by this, I mean for quite some years. Now, it looks that we are indeed approaching the final product, as by the looks of it, the project is finally coming to its completion, and with this in mind, indeed, the foldable device is to come very soon.

With the latest report in mind, coming in from Bloomberg, there are now two design configurations that Samsung has narrowed down : one being the device folding in half, in a portrait style, and the other being that the device folds up in a landscape style. And even though Samsung has narrowed it down to designs, it looks as if the portrait style will be the one to take the crown, because as suggested by reports, it’s winning the race between the two potential designs.

So why would this be the reason? Well,in accordance to the reports, the portrait style model actually makes the device easier to access and hold in one hand.

Now that we’ve talked about the potential design, let’s talk about something even more interesting : it looks like Google is working with Samsung in order to create a very unique version of Android, for the foldable phone. This actually makes a bunch of sense, since Android will not only have to look, but will also have to function differently on the foldable device than it does with any other device.

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So when should we be expecting a foldable smartphone from Samsung? Well, previous report had suggested that it could be plausible that we see the device at the Samsung developer conference in San Francisco which is to take place in November, however, with the latest reports surfacing that the final design hasn’t even been picked up yet by Samsung suggests that this is very unlikely.

Hence, this makes it all the more likely that the foldable phone will hit the market somewhere in 2019, however, keeping in mind that the project has been going on for so long, the wait could be even longer than that.


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