Specs for the upcoming Galaxy A31 and A41 on the out

Galaxy A31 and A41

As Samsung proceeded on to revamp its premium mid-range series in the Galaxy A series – it proved out to be a very popular move as the A-series was a tremendous success. The Korean manufacturer is now looking to further the success that followed last year – with the introduction of both the Galaxy A51 as well as the Galaxy A71. The company is also going on to target the lower mid-range segment with both the Galaxy A31 as well as the Galaxy A41. Before now, little was known about both these models, however, things have now been subject to change. A new leak has now revealed details with regards to both the Galaxy A31 as well as the Galaxy A41.

The latest leak revolves around two things : the battery and the camera. It states that the Galaxy A31 will be arriving with a 48MP sensor as the main one. If this does indeed turn out to be true, then it would represent a major upgrade from the Galaxy A30’s 16MP + 5MP combo. As far as the battery is concerned, the Galaxy A31 will arrive with a rather impressive 5000mAh cell.

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On the other hand, with the Galaxy A41, the latest speculation suggests that it will also be featuring with a 48MP main sensor however, the leak did not actually reveal the other sensors that will be present on the rear. However, the front will be equipped with a 25MP sensor. Previously it had been revealed that both the devices will have 64 gigs of internal storage integrated within on the base model.

As far as the release date for the devices is concerned – we’re still in the dark in that aspect. However, once Samsung finally launches its highly anticipated Galaxy S20 series, we expect the company to begin taking the wraps off the mid-range models too.


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