Spotify is currently testing an Spotify Apple watch app which will be released very soon. So far we have been able to get some insight in the matter of such an application ahead of the initial release to try it out and find out what the new application has to offer. The app it self will seem to be released with only a few basic features and their will at the time be no offline support for playing the Spotify audio on the Apple watch away from your IPhone and you cannot stream songs to an Apple Watch by using LTE.

The main function of the app is to allow users to use the app basically as a Spotify controller to allow you to change the songs on the iPhone by device. Furthermore the Spotify app will seem to replace the “Now Playing” function on the Apple watch if you’re listening to Spotify songs on an IPhone , and you can simply use the app to control the music playback or to, you know pick a playlist for yourself.

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It will mark the first time you will be able to directly access the Spotify playlist or control a song on .the Apple Watch without having to actually use the IPhone in the process, however you can only select playlists individually and set them to shuffle. Spotify will also be including a complication for the Apple Watch, but the beta does not allow you to display what is currently being played or to set shortcuts which is a bummer.

Furthermore there are some nice additions in comparison to the “Now playing” screen. You can now mark songs as favorite so they are added to your library and there is also haptic and audio feedback when you basically use the digital crown to control the volume.

Finally it is still not crystal clear when Spotifyis planning to release this new initiative and the company as of right now is not to loud regarding the matter. A Spotify spoke person came out to state that “We’re always testing products and experiences, but have to no further news to share at this moment” Well any way the initial version that Is seemingly being tested is very basic but as technology evolves it is more than likely that more features will be added as time moves on!


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