Music enthusiasts rejoice, Spotify is officially launching in Pakistan

Spotify in Pakistan

Spotify has announced their plans to expand in to various markets all around the world as they make plans to launch the famous music application in 80+ new countries which include Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and many more. Once the music streaming application is launched in these new markets, it will be available to more than a billion people all over the globe which will help Spotify to access the huge amount of potential consumers in such markets. Spotify said on the matter that “We launch in 80+ new markets over the next few days. See you soon Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nigeria”. 

Many enthusiasts would remember that last year, Spotify created an official Instagram account exclusively for users in Pakistan which was also verified as well. The move from the company sparked a huge level of excitement and speculation, however we did not see an official announcement made by the company, up till now that is. It is worth noting that the Spotify Pakistan Instagram account has also shared the news on the Instagram account which should further add to the excitement of people. 

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Even though Spotify has quite a few potential rivals already operating in the market including YouTube Music, Deezer, Apple Music, and others, Spotify continues to be a fan favorite due to the vast music library that they are able to bring to the table. The Swedish music service is also very well known for giving its users spot on recommendations on music which we as the user may enjoy and it also has ton of pretty interesting features as well.

Spotify added in a blog post saying:

“Listeners enjoy Spotify because we introduce them to music to fall in love with—including music they might not have found otherwise. In fact, Spotify drives 16 billion artist discoveries every month, meaning 16 billion times a month, fans listen to an artist they have never heard before on Spotify. We’re proud of that and are actively refining our algorithms to enable even more fan discoveries of new artists each month.”


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