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Spotify is adding more personalized playlists for everyone

Many people were excited when Spotify finally announced that they will be launching their services in the country, many Pakistanis got excited to know that they will be able to hear a wide variety of different songs and playlists. The general theme and outline of the application is what differentiates its from other music applications out there. The personalized playlists which Spotify is able to present and that too on the basis of your preferences sets Spotify in a league of its own. 

Following the successful launch of the application in the country, Spotify has just announced that three new personalized playlists will be added for users which will be called : artist mix, genre mix, and decade mix. Like the other playlists available on the application, these playlists will also be available to everyone and are already rolling out to premium as well as free users.

In contrast, the mixes will incorporate Spotify’s algorithms to create the playlists that will based on your music taste. These will also include your favorite songs from many different artists, genres, and decades that you listen to the most as well as new songs in the application. 

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Spotify further added that these mixes are going to include several playlists which will be linked with your preferences and will update more frequently as times goes on. Spotify added that “They’re designed to grow with you over time, so they’ll take your listening into account to help you discover and dive deeper into your new favorite artist, genre, or decade.”

In addition, users shall also be able to find attached new playlists in the “Search” tab which can be located under the “Made for You” section on the application. Spotify was launched in Pakistan and can be downloaded on  Android, iOS, Windows PCs, and MacBooks, so if you’re interested, have a go.


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