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Sri Lanka To Start Domestic Cricket Behind Closed Doors

Domestic cricket in Sri Lanka will continue next Tuesday without onlookers, the nation’s cricket board said on Wednesday. 

Lockdown and curfews have stopped in Sri Lanka, where the all out number of contaminations was accounted for to be 2,084 on Wednesday. 

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) sorted out two private preparing camps for the national group crew a month ago and activity would continue one week from now with a between club Twenty20 cricket competition, which was stopped by the pandemic in mid-March. 

SLC CEO Ashley de Silva said the competition would stick to wellbeing service directions on the security of the players and authorities. 

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“The Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has found a way to begin these exercises under the direction of the games and wellbeing services as the nation is continuously recuperating from the coronavirus,” de Silva said. 

Sri Lanka Domestic Cricket

Britain, India and Bangladesh have deferred their voyages through Sri Lanka on account of the pandemic. The Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has offered to arrange the current year’s Indian Premier League (IPL), which has been endangered by the pandemic which has asserted in excess of 20,000 lives in India, the third most influenced nation.

It will be an awkward venture for players and fans alike who have to see their stars play without a crowd and it is difficult for players to play with the same drive without any fans cheering them on. Although, fans donot play as much part in the game as they do in football, regardless, cricket is the game for the fans to be played infront of the fans, but the current exceptional circumstances require these measures which would affect the game, but many are grateful as the game have returned.


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