Pakistan and Sri Lanka were expected to play a lengthy series in Pakistan following the success of PSL and security situation improving in the past few years. It was supposed to include tests, ODI and T20. However, recent events have made Sri Lanka skeptical of the series and due to the problems that arose because of that, there is a possibility that there wont be a series to play at all in Pakistan.

The problem starts with the Kashmir issue and how Pakistan and India got into a feud which could rise up at any moment causing a major security concern in both countries. This fear caused the Sri Lankan team’s major players to bow out of the series and since there are not many Sri Lankan senior players to play against, and Sri Lanka possibly assembling a B or even worse a C team for the tour, there seems to be no point for the series to be given the go-ahead in such circumstances when there wont be enough senior players to even make the game interesting and exciting.

Thirdly, as the Sri Lankan team was said to land in Karachi on 25th September, recent threats to the team may cause a delay in those dates as well. Sri Lankan Government would be touring Pakistan again for another security assessment following threats as mentioned by the SLC.


The warning highlights that the Prime Minister’s Office has received reliable information of a possible terrorist threat on the Sri Lankan team while touring Pakistan. Hence, SLC has been advised to take extreme care, and ‘reassess’ the situation, before embarking on the said tour.

PCB have replied to the statement in the following manner

We’ve seen the SLC statement, but are not privy to any information or intelligence report relating to the safety of the SL team. The PCB reiterates its commitment to provide complete safety & security to the SL side & in this relation will continue to work with SLC.

It does not seem to be an exciting prospect to look at when considering the future of cricket in Pakistan under the current circumstances.

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