Stanford University Exposes India for Operating Anti-Pakistan Network on Twitter

Stanford University Exposes India for Operating Anti-Pakistan Network on Twitter

For the tenth time an internationally renowned internet surveillance agency has come out to exposes India for spreading anti-Pakistanian propaganda across the world.

It’s the second time that Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO) which is the Stanford University organization studying the online abuse and has uncovered a criminal Indian online platform that was seeking to attack Pakistan.

One of their latest research reports SIO says that it was the 24th of August 2022 Twitter shared 15 information operations data sets it discovered and then removed from its platform . The data was shared with researchers from the Twitter Moderation Research Consortium for an independent analysis.

One of the databases contained 1,198 accounts who posted tweets concerning India in addition to Pakistan. The network was banned for breaking the Twitter’s Platform Manipulation and Spam Policy. Twitter declared that the country that originated this particular data set was India.

The accounts mostly tweet in English however, it also tweeted the account was also available in Hindi as well as Urdu. It claimed the account to be from “proud” Kashmiris who claimed to be family members of Indian soldiers.

SIO claims that it was a fan of Indian army operations within Indian illegally occupied the Jammu as well as Kashmir (IIOJK) as well as also criticized military forces of Pakistan as well as China. The network also regularly targeted those who oppose Indian government. Indian government.

Network Overview

SIO states that it was the most active one in 2021. But, by the time it was the end of March in 2021 Twitter was able to suspend the majority of accounts in the network.

The network often tweeted using hashtags related to IIOJK as well as Indian as well as Pakistani armies. The most frequently used one was called ‘Kashmir’ that produced almost 40000 tweets. Other hashtags included “India,” “Pakistan,” and ‘Indian Army’ and “Pakistan Army.’


SIO Notes that the majority of accounts were claimed to be Kashmiris and often claimed that they live in IIOJK. They used images from stock from the internet to create their profile photos.

The most popular bios for these accounts were “Proud Indian’as well as Proud Kashmiri”as well as “My Heart is in Kashmir and the ‘Soul towards India and the Life of Humanity. Many of these accounts claimed to be the relatives of Indian army officers and freelance reporters, as well as YouTubers, volunteers and digital marketing influencers.

These accounts frequently targeted reporters from the region, Indian political leaders, as well as the state’s representatives from Balochistan to spread an anti-Pakistan message across the globe.

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A user of the group tweeted: #ISPR has raised an amazing network of 4000-strong highly trained #Information Warfare experts over the last decade, thanks to an expertly-crafted internship program, which is managed by the #ISI.


Pro-Indian Army

SIO emphasizes that it has frequently praised Indian army. Indian Army for their military activities in IIOJK as well as for its humanitarian assistance in IIOJK.


The network was known for presenting demonstrations across Balochistan as protests against Pakistan. They claimed that of the Pakistani army of carrying out human rights violations. Tweets said that Pakistan isn’t safe for Hindus and Pakistan left the country’s citizens to China at the time the COVID-19 disease started. The group also attacked female rights within Pakistan.


In addition to defaming the Pakistani army and promoting the Indian army’s superiority against Chinese troops. Chinese military. The network said the Indian soldiers are courageous , while Chinese army members are cowards. Indian soldiers killed in battles against China Chinese army were celebrated in the media. The network also blamed unprofessional Chinese military tactics for the failure of the Indian army’s military expeditions.

Some of the most used hashtags by the network against China included ‘#IndiaChinaFaceOff’, ‘#BoycottMadeInChina’, ‘#BoycottChineseProducts’, and ‘#BoycottChina.’

The website also advised Indian citizens to purchase only Indian-made products and remove Chinese applications like TikTok as well as WeChat. The company accused China for COVID-19, and referred to COVID-19 in the context of the Chinese virus regularly.

It also criticizes China for obstructing the Coronavirus spread from the world. On the other hand it praised the Indian government’s efforts to fight Coronavirus.


SIO concluding that the group was actively highlighting the actions that the Indian army during IIOJK and also condemns Pakistani as well as Chinese militaries. Two accounts , ‘@KashmirTraitors’ as well as @KashmirTraitor1 are the ones that were most active.The shut down Indian network is massive as well as political motivated. The report barely scratches the surface of the issue, SIO claims, urging researchers from the Twitter Moderation Research Consortium to investigate further this network.


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