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Start of CPEC Passenger Bus service

Start of CPEC Passenger Bus service. The third of November will mark the beginning of a bus service which would take the route of being from Lahore to Kashgar, China. Though the journey is a long one, taking around thirty hours to complete, just take consider the breathtaking views you’ll accompany,belonging to the northern areas of Pakistan.

How to book a ticket? And what is the pricing?

The one way ticket to Kashgar will set you back around Rs 13,000, while the two way ticket will cost you Rs 23,000, and this is actually quite cheap when you compare it with the airline ticket fares.The bookings have already begun, while the good news for many is that the people who will depart on the 3rd of November are set to be provided with free breakfast.

The booking of the ticket can be done through the company’s website, or perhaps their Facebook page, while the payment will be taken by you when you will board the bus.

Travel Itinerary

It’s quite probable that the bus will depart from Lahore, while the probable time of the departure will be at around 12am. The bus will be picking up passengers from Islamabad, and will then head to Mansehra, where the passengers will be allowed to buy breakfast. Enroute the Karakoram highway, the stops that will accompany the journey will be at Besham, Chelas, and then, finally, dinner at Gilgit. This particular itinerary is obviously subject to change, pending confirmation.

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Documents required

All the passengers will be allowed a maximum of 20 kg of weight per baggage, and while the ticket prices have been revealed, keep in mind that such prices only reflect upon the ticket, and hence, the travel expenses. Other expenses, which range from the likes of procurement of visa, and other things like meals and the hotel stay will be the responsibility of the passengers themselves. And while the passengers themselves will be responsible for the hotels, the company has vowed that it indeed will provide the passengers with as much assistance as possible, regarding the hotel information.


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