Ministry of State for it and Telecom chaired. Universal Service Fund Company (USF Co) 57th Board of Directors Meeting was convened on Friday, 2nd , February 2018 in the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom, Islamabad. The Chairperson; USF Co Board and the Minister of State for IT & Telecom; Mrs. Anusha Rahman  chaired the meeting.
The board welcomed the new CEO USFco. Mr Rizwan Mustafa Mir as new director on the board.
The Board also took into consideration the agenda pertaining to the provision of Information and Communication Technology to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Pakistan. The micro, small and medium enterprises in Pakistan can be termed as the backbone of the economy because they constitute nearly 80% of the enterprises in Pakistan. Pakistan has a population of around 200 million and a work force of about 65 million, with these enterprises. The Board discussed that  by providing access to digital platform and bringing MSMEs online, the real potential can be reaped and has surely create opportunity to propel Pakistan to higher-income country.
Anusha Rehman said that we want to take Pakistan digitally farward. We are committed to provide technology and training to 50,000 artisans and bringing them online non Made in Pakistan portal, athrough USF.
The Board also made a sub committee, headed by Amir Ibrahim, CEO Jazz (Member board of directors) with Mudassar Hussain Member Telecom and Yusuf Hussain CEO Ignite Co, to oversee the e-commerce project finalisation being executed by USF company.
Board members including the Secretary IT; Mr. Rizwan Bashir Khan, Member Telecom; Mr. Mudassar Hussain, Mr. Aamir Ibrahim; CEO Jazz, Mr. Daniel Ritz CEO PTCL  Mr. Azfar Manzoor; VP ISPS; Mr. Kaukab Iqbal Chairman Consumers Association and the senior management of USF Co also attended the meeting.


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