In a swift response to street criminal activities, the Karachi police successfully tracked down and arrested two suspects within 48 hours, who had forcibly taken expensive mobile phones from a Pakistan Army officer.

The incident occurred on Karachi Malir Cantt Road, where the army officer fell victim to a street robbery, losing his iPhones to two assailants. Utilizing technical equipment, the police conducted a targeted raid in a Korangi locality, leading to the apprehension of two suspects identified as Ali Raza and Usman. The law enforcement officers also seized two iPhone 14 Pro Max models and two pistols from the suspects.

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Investigations revealed that both individuals were implicated in multiple street crime incidents in areas such as Malir Cantt Road, Mausamiyat, and Model Colony. Additionally, they were wanted by both District East and Korangi police for their alleged involvement in various street crime cases.

This incident sheds light on the persistent challenge of street crime in Karachi, prompting law enforcement agencies to employ advanced technical means to tackle such offenses promptly. The arrested suspects’ connection to a series of street crimes highlights the broader issue faced by residents in these specific areas, necessitating a concerted effort from authorities to enhance security measures and address the root causes of such criminal activities.


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