How to stop accidental 911 calls of Apple watches. Are you one of those getting crazy for Apple watches? Well, there is a huge class of people who are anxious about this brand but actually, just like the craze you have developed for the Apple’s watches, watches have developed for 911.

Yes, a new unforeseeable problem has been created with a software update in the Apple’s watches and due to this problem users are facing accidental 911 calls.

Putnam County 911 Director Mike Thompson says, “We don’t have any statistics on the exact number of these (accidental) 911 calls from watches, but we estimate that we average between 10 and 20 per week,”.

The software update that has caused this problem is called watchOS 3. According to the reports, the new safety feature that causes these accidental calls called “SOS”.

The safety feature (SOS) allows the watch to connect to the iPhone. SOS also places emergency calls in two different ways.  The way one for these calls is to hold down the watch’s side button and a swipe screen with 2 options pops up. And for the way two there are options for ‘power off’ and ’emergency SOS.’

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It us easier enough for some of the Apple watches users to swipe the SOS option.

If you are an Apple watch user and want not to experience a 911 call tragedy, don’t go wrong with holding down the side button longer than 3 seconds. Again telling you,  not longer than 3 seconds. Why tk avoid it? Because thus mistake could connect your watch with the iPhone and will go to place a 911 call.

 But if you have accidentally swiped or pressed, you still have the opportunity to stop the call. Yes, a count down will begin after you have swiped or pressed it you can end the call by pressing the display ahead the countdown is up.

In the event of going through an accidental call, Thompson encourages the users to stay on the line to explain to the dispatcher there is no any kind of emergency.

Thompson says that in case a caller does hang up, the 911 dispatcher will in fact have to call them back anyway to make sure that nothing is wrong. He adds that “If no contact is made upon callback, law enforcement will be sent to check on them,”


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