Islamabad police have chosen to present a ‘road watcher framework’ in an offer to control wrongdoing and improve the connection between people in general and the police. Road watchers will be sent in sub-parts and roads which will help the police to handle the wrongdoing circumstance in the city. 

Road watchers and police will be in contact through a mobile application. The fundamental obligation of the road watchers will be to illuminate the police regarding any dubious movement in their general vicinity and watch out for the homegrown workers and safety officers too. 

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In an offer to check road violations, Islamabad Capital Police has likewise chosen to convey road watch units, which would watch all through the city and particularly commercial centers in top occasions. 

A sum of 50 units will be sent, every unit will comprise of four police officers watching on two bicycles. 

Additionally, an air watch unit comprising of four automaton cameras will be utilized during salvage tasks, guaranteeing security for sightseers at strolling trails and directing them to their objective. 

IGP Islamabad said that the police has been hoping to boost the utilization of innovation and the assets accessible to them, he trusts that such estimates will positively affect handling the wrongdoing circumstance and give security to people in general. 

All units will work under the management of the Superintendent Police of Islamabad.


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