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Strongest man of “Game of Thrones” is the strongest man of the world

Strongest man of “Game of Thrones” proves to be the strongest one in reality too. Hafthor Julius Bjornsson won the long-running World’s Strongest Man competition in the Philippines, on Sunday.

Mountain from “Game of Thrones”  ia a 29 year old young man. He has been regular in the competition and had 3 second- and 3 third-place finishes over the years, but could never won previously.

To be the world’s strongest man is his passion and dream as well, according to his 2016 profile in which he did share his workout secrets with The New York Times.

Certainly, Bjornsson qualifies as a figurative Mountain. He checks in at six feet nine inches and 400 pounds. But he is not a merciless monster that he depicts on television.

In the US, the World’s Strongest competition will be shown on CBS that will begin in June.

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Bjornsson contested this year at events like Car Deadlift, the Truck Pull and a grueling Loading Race in which he hauled anchors, anvils & other heavy objects.

Following his victory, Mountain posted a photograph of himself lifting the trophy on his Instagram account. He added “Want to thank all of my family, friends and fans for supporting me along the way” to his post.

After just a few years, the event expanded internationally and is now respected & established with a dedicated core of fans.

Iceland could do well in the competition in the 1980s & ’90s: the musclemen Jon Pall Sigmarsson & Magnus ver Magnusson won 8 contests in eleven years. But no Icelander but Bjornsson won since 1996.

His last year’s title was missed when one of his lifts in the Viking Press competition got disallowed and he said that it’s frustrating when something is taken that you have worked hard for.

Bjornsson vows to be back this year to finally claim the title saying that “I could not stop, I would regret it forever,”.

Bjornsson says that as now he is 28 years old and improving himself with each year.

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