Augmented reality has been a huge technology related talking point over the past couple of years, and while it’s not really trending now like it was perhaps some little time ago, it is still a topic of great detail and interest. So, here we see exactly what is new in the field of Augmented reality.

At the tank museum in Bovington, Tankfest is going to take place very soon. The installation that will take place this year will include the usage of Microsoft Hololens. The developer of world of tanks, Wargaming teamed up with the tank museum, setting the goal of adding the missing tank from the new Tiger collection. Visitors will be able to view the tank as it crashes in from the outside into its display spot and walk around it, not only from the outside, but also from the inside.

Another thing which might be considered a hot topic to discuss is the Augmented surgery. Novarad, a healthcare enterprise imaging company, has combined their product with the augmented reality of Microsoft’s Hololens. This partnership now means that not only radiologists, but physicians, surgeons, and even students are given the ability to interact with the image, and also see these images displayed in the anatomically correct location present on the patient.

Now, with the progression of technology, you would obviously expect advertising companies to benefit with the usage of that particular technology as a whole, and such has been the case with the linkage between Augmented Reality and advertising. In this manner, for example, waiting for the bus will not at all be boring, as the presence of Augmented reality will not allow that.


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