Prisma is a photo editing app. As soon as it was released, it gained massive popularity among the social media users. This week Prisma released a major update for the app. The app is changing the way users browse through all the different styles that are available. For the selective users, Prisma is also giving freedom to create the styles of their own.

The new interface is called a “Store”. Prisma can be used for free; they do not charge anything for the use of filters. Prisma has been adding new filters every now and then. According to the Prisma authorities, the Store will be a new way to browse through all the available filters, especially now that the Prisma is adding so many new filters.

According to the company recourses, the number of available filters in the app is forty-four. A lot of filters that are available at a time. People get confused while choosing the right filters to apply on their pictures. So many filters seem right on the pictures and this creates difficulty for the users. With the new update in the app, people will now be able to save their favorite filters. So the next time they use Prisma, they have their favorite filters alongside the new ones. Good news for the active users of Prisma is that the company is allowing them to use a new special “Desktop Tool”. This new tool will allow them to create their own different styles.

The company has also given a guideline for creating new styles. According to them, the users need to upload their picture. This will serve as a foundation for the new style. In the next step, users can refine the picture by adjusting different “content weights” and “style weights”.

Natasha Lomas of the TechCrunch says that this will be a very time-consuming process because the picture will be first uploaded. Then it will be refined by different processes, and then the newly created filters will be applied. The Prisma recourses say that all of the processes will take about an hour or so.


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