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Super nova Red Vivo V11 now becomes official

The Vivo 11 Pro was launched by Vivo all the way back in September, and while it brought a whole ray of excitement with it for all the Vivo enthusiasts, there came a certain ray of disappointment too, as the phone was launched and made available in only two colors. However, recently, in fact, just a few weeks ago,there came along some rumors which went on to suggest that the phone would alsobe launched in a Supernova Red color – and now, the rumors have been confirmed,as the Supernova Red Vivo V11 has become official.

Theprice of the phone is the same to the previous ones, as the phone will set youback $365, and the phone can quite easily be purchased on Vivo’s e-store.

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Soother then the color, what’s so special about the phone? Well, to list a fewthings, amongst the more special features of the phone is the fact that it comes with an In-display fingerprint scanner. The phone has been named as the Vivo V11 Pro in some markets, including that of Pakistan. The phone also brings  about some other exceptional features, which includes a more than handy camera.

Super nova Red Vivo V11 now becomes official

TheV11 Pro goes on to feature a 12MP + 5MP Dual camera setup on the rear side ofthe phone, and this features a large f/1.8 aperture. The phone features a quitemagnificent 25MP front camera, too. The 12MP camera, which like I said is foundon the rear side of the phone, features Dual Pixel Sensors, with 24 million photo sensitive units, for the plausibility of higher light sensitivity, alongwith the DSLR-standard Dual-Pixel Auto focus technology, which has the abilityto lock focus in a just 0.03 seconds.

Onthe other side of the picture, the dual camera setup of 16MP + 5MP, along withthe 25MP AI camera found on the front side are quite equally as impressive asthe 12MP camera mentioned beforehand.


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