Superseded by S9 and S9 +, Galaxy S8 is available in lower in the UK

Superseded by S9 and S9 +, Galaxy S8 is available in lower in the UK
Superseded by S9 and S9 +, Galaxy S8 is available in lower in the UK

Superseded by S9 and S9 +, Galaxy S8 is available in lower in the UK. Galaxy S8 by Samsung, gets new low price as exclusive Rose Pink colour hits the UK market for the first time.

The South Korean giant Samsung might be about to launch their all-new Galaxy S9 but it is still not a bad idea to buy last year’s Galaxy S8 that is now available in lower price.

Award-winning S8 is not only seeing record-low prices but also it now comes in an all-new colour.

Samsung had announced the arrival of its Rose Pink S8 late 2017, but the company has just confirmed it’s now on sale in the UK.

According to a statement made in company’s marketing spiel, the Rose Pink colour is actually inspired by the nature and the colour  envelops the device, creating a sense of unity and fluidity between the glass and metal of the body of phone.

The Rose Pink hue itself is simultaneously sophisticated and modern one that is adding to the overall aesthetics of the device and is intensifying the depth of its design.

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This new colour now does join Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Coral Blue & Arctic Silver with a number of retailers, such as Carphone Warehouse &, offering Rose Pink model.

Samsung is in a habit of launching new colours long after the devices originally go on sale – although we are not expecting the S8 to get anymore other OS updates.

The giant is widely-tipped to launch its new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ devices at the CES expo in this month.

The new Rose Pink colour with S8 is not the only piece of good news as, with the impending arrival of the Galaxy S9, the S8 is also seeing massive price cuts.

Numerous retailers are currently selling this device for under £23 each month making it a real bargain – when the S8 was first launched in spring 2017 it would have costs more than £40 per month. has currently a deal that sees the S8 land in pockets for £22.99 per month, including unlimited calls/texts and 2GB of data with the EE network.

Although the Galaxy S8 is soon to be superseded by the S9, many of the experts believe company’s new flagship will only be a minor upgrade.

Rumours say the design of the S9 will remain largely the same with the only dramatic change that is coming in form of a new position for the rear fingerprint scanner.

A faster processor is being expected to power the S9 along with a dual-lens camera that would appear on the larger S9+.


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