Mircosoft just couldn’t wait to unveil their latest and greatest Surface line to the world when someone spoiled their party and now it seems like we are in for a grandeur of tablets and laptops.

Starting with the Surface Pro 7, this could possibly be the affordable version of the original Surface PRO, one category that Microsoft needed to release a tablet in. The affordability was the only thing missing from the Surface PRO which could now be available in a smaller compact model.

Next up is the Surface Laptop 3. Microsoft has moved a step further into the Laptop category and now are releasing sequels to cement their place in the Laptop market. There are supposedly 13-inch and 15-inch variants of the latest upcoming laptop. It seems like Microsoft might be moving away from the Intel processors and offering the AMD Ryzen Octa-core processor. The images leaked show a dark grey laptop with a simplistic approach towards the design and an Alcantara Fabric keyboard, something that has become the signature for Microsoft products and something that Microsoft is proud of.

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Lastly, it is the Microsoft Surface with ARM processors. Microsoft has been using intel for quite some time but were among the first to get on board when Qualcomm announced that they would be making PC processors and now they can be found in the wild but the problem for any new processor would be to get apps to support the architecture. Although being more energy efficient meaning extremely great battery life, toppling intel on the way. The thing to look out would be the graphics performance on the Snapdragon CPU to check whether they can ace this category as well or not The surface could have a pen alongside and with Microsoft encouraging special software for the pen related tasks, this could be a bonus add-on.

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