Survey reveals that most Americans have no interest in cryptcurrencies. Despite the fact that crypto craze is hitting all over the world, it seems that most of American have don’t interest in Cryptocurrency. Recently a survey conducted by revealed that only 7.95% of people have purchased Cryptocurrency. Isn’t strange?

 Countries where tech and these kinds of trends are at boom should have more concentration than other. So, let’s find out why aren’t American buying into the latest craze?

Total 2,001 American adults took part in the survey. The study found that the main reason for people not purchasing crypto is that they are disinterested or they think there is no need (40.01%).

  • According to 35.02% people it’s too high risk.
  • According to 27.04% it’s too difficult to understand
  • According to 17.97% it’s a scam.

As we might expect for a generation of tech natives, the greater part of crypto buyers are millennials, with 17.21% of millennials declaring to have holdings in crypto, while just 8.75% of Gen X and 2.24% of baby boomers say the same.

Baby boomers take the go in front as the most likely to have no concern in Cryptocurrency, or think there is no need for. On the other hand, the survey found 45.62% of baby boomers, 37.36% of millennials and 35.05% of Gen X are disinterested in buying crypto.

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However, Bitcoin (BTC) emerges in as the most admired Cryptocurrency, with 5.15% of Americans having purchased a regular of US$3,453.89. At number two there comes Ethereum (ETH) with 1.80% Americans having purchased an average of $1,243.42.

On the other side, of those who haven’t purchased crypto, 11.52% of millennials, 10.30% of Gen X and 3.81% of baby boomers plan to buy in the future.

If we observe the results of study then we come to know that Millennials who haven’t purchased crypto are more possibly to find it too complex to understand or too tricky to use when compared with the other two generations.

As 31.18% of millennials find it too complicated to understand, compared with 26.43% of baby boomers and 25.61% of Gen X.

In the meantime, 14.89% of millennials, 11.94% of baby boomers and 9.01% of Gen Xers say it’s too easier said than done to bring into play. The survey also finds that 45.62% of baby boomers, 35.05% of Gen X and 37.36% of millennials who have no assets are disinterested in purchasing crypto.

Well, it seems like American don’t have much interest in crypto craze as we expect from them.


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