The Pakistan Suzuki Motor Corporation has seemingly increased the prices of its vehicles. This is the fifth time this year Suzuki has done so and according to Suzuki the surge in prices is due to the depreciating rupee against the Dollar!

According to the Company, The price of Cultus, Swift and Wagon R have all increased their price by at least 40,000 but they did not increase the prices of other less used models such as Ravi, Bolan and Mehran and their prices remain constant given the fact that the sales of such cars in the decline it is a wise decision not to increase prices for cars such as these.

Furthermore it will also be important to mention that three of the major automobile producers such as Atlas Honda, Pak Suzuki and Indus Motors have all increased the prices of their vehicles by three times more than before in compliance to dealing with rising cost of producing such vehicles. Cars such as the Suzuki Mehran, Ravi and Bolan have already seen an increase in their prices by 15 percent, 9 percent and 11 percent during the year of 2018 and increasing the price any further would definitely lead to a significantly larger decline in sales than ever before.

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Finally we would like to add that during the period of July-September the sales of these low-priced cars went further down by 23 percent, 34 percent and 21 percent showing how people are now looking for other better and more efficient substitutes in Pakistan’s case many consumers go for the Japanese models of different cars which more or less fall in the same category as the Ravi and Bolan. So keeping in mind those substitutes let’s hope the decisions taken up by Suzuki do not result in people losing their faith in Suzuki as many consumers demand multiple features and better features than those of the other substitutes in the market!


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