With the launch of the switch 3, and switch 5, we have seen an addition to Acer’s switch convertible series, and some neat addition, too. One neat addition that is associated with the switch 5 is the fanless cooling system, something not so common. And with its competition with the Microsoft surface series, this cooling system is sure to be considered a plus point.

The system uses liquid loop cooling system to cool its internal components, and this debuted with the switch alpha 12. The switch 5 comes with a 12.2 QHD (2160 x 1440) IPS LCD touchscreen display. With it, you get an Intel core i5 or i7 processor, and a processor with a RAM of up to 8 GB. Storage comes in 512 GB SSD, or 1 TB HDD, while considering the graphics end, you get Intel HD graphics 610 option. Talking about the battery life, the quoted battery life is around 10 hours.

If you’re thinking of the design, then it’s a pretty great design. The back can be tilted to around 165 degrees and the rest of the design for both the devices is pretty decent. An extra keyboard and an active pen stylus are the extra perks that come with the device, inside the box.

So now let’s talk about the switch 3, for those who aren’t extremely interested in the fanless cooling system that Acer has to offer, and are looking for something a little more economical. The switch 3 comes with a 12.2-inch FHD 1080p display, and an Intel Pentium or Celeron processor, with 128 GB of storage and rather average 4 GB RAM. The battery life you can expect from this decide is around 8 hours. The Intel HD graphics are found on the keyboard, and even though the price of the device is rather cheap, considering the switch 5, there is still an inclusion of a keyboard and stylus.

The switch 3 has a price tag of $400 associated with it, and the switch 5 will be available for $800. Both of these machines will be available as soon as July.


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