Swype keyboard app which was responsible for the popularity of the swipeable virtual keyboards, has been discontinued this month.

Swype was founded in 2002, where the users enter words by sliding a finger or stylus from the initial letter of a word to its last letter. Swype does so by lifting only between the words.

Swype, acquired by Naunce Communications in October 2011, has been announced in February 2018 for getting stopped its development. Naunce has announced that  no further updates will be made to the app.

The iOS app Swype was also pulled from the App Store, after the Naunce acquired it and continued its development and implemented the app’s speech recognition algorithm, Dragon Dictation.

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As the current is the month of February and Nuance has ended development of Swype this month, you might be thinking about the areas where the app gets discontinued. So, to calm down your variations of your brain we like to share that  the app is not available now for both iOS and Android.

 Is it not a surprise for the users of Swype that the app gets discontinued after six years after Naunce bought the company behind the influential keyboard application for around $100 million.

Nuance has made a statement saying that it would discontinue support of the Swype keyboard app and it would focus on other products. The company also said that “The core technology behind Swype will continue to be utilized and improved upon across other Nuance offerings – and integrated into our broader AI-powered solutions – most notably in Android-based keyboard solutions for our automotive customers,”.

Yes guys, Swype is no longer available now on the iOS App Store or Google Play, but if you are already a customer of Swype, you can use the app as normal and you will continue to have access to tech support for the upcoming few months.

Though the company announced the end of the app in the beginning of the month, the news remain unnoticed and that unnoticing behaviour of users is actually the cause of the end of the app.

Though the app was hugely influential, its success also led to its obsolescence through a feature being built into new Android phones.

While swiping still is not a default feature on the iOS, there are a plenty of alternatives for it.

Nuance is best known for its voice dictation software and services and Swype was never a core business for the company.

Most probably, Nuance was able to share the predictive technology between Swype & its dictation products, since they are all ultimately about guessing what the word is you actually want. But now it seems that the company has found it to be beneficial to dedicate its engineers full time to dictation AI.


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