Sydney criminals love to use these cars

Sydney criminals love to use these cars
Sydney criminals love to use these cars

Sydney criminals love to use these cars. It was actually an AMG C63 model, that is an almost 500 horsepower, four-litre V8 from high performance division of the badge.

It sported official police ­sirens & lights and an industrial grade –antenna. A video of vehicle on an Auburn street that was posted online, went viral on social media.

The car uploaded to the popular community Facebook page Humans of Bankstown, was mistaken as an official NSW Police vehicle.

The anonymous video poster tells audience the Mercedes is bad news for criminals as the police have the same car they favour as a getaway vehicle due to its supercar abilities.

Later, the car got discovered to be owned by Silverwater company Redline, that specialises in warning lights & police sirens.

Redline said the Mercedes was a ‘product testing vehicle’ the company had been using before it made a bid for a NSW Police tender to replace lights, sirens & camera technology.

And, while looking closer enough to a real police car to fool the video maker, it was found not to breach any of the police protocol following a visit from Traffic & Highway Patrol.

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NSW Police said that the AMG Mer­cedes was a vehicle ‘highly coveted’ by criminals. In the line-up of underworld autos where each set of the wheels has a specific place, the AMG Merc is specialist getaway.

Criminals have been known to utilise Mercedes C63S vehicles as their getaway cars.

Highway Patrol Officers used to sit behind the wheels of either a turbocharged Ford Falcon XR6 or the V8 Holden Commodore SS.

While performance of both cars is impressive — they each do 0 to 100km per hour in the vicinity of five seconds, travelling onwards to the speeds exceeding 200km, the AMG, with a speed of more than 300km/h, & acceleration of 0 to 100km/h in an eye that water 3.8 seconds can leave the police muscle cars in dust.

The big issue for the criminals is finding an AMG to steal. It does not rank inside the top 20 most stolen cars, so their few numbers are on the road.

Most stolen car of Australia is the Holden Commodore VE, that is followed by the Nissan Pulsar, Toyota Hilux & Ford Falcon.

Utility trucks are also mostly used in ram-raids.

The AMG’s sophisticated security & immobilising system means a coathanger that slipped through a window frame is not going to cut it, so stealing a car means car jacking or, said Supt Craft, being stolen from the driver when thieves somehow manage to obtain the keys either by stealing them from within the home or finding a driver who has left keys inside either the car or nearby.

But anonymous Humans of Bankstown video poster may probably have been onto the something.

AMG’s are very expensive so that is something to be taken into account.


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