T-Mobile has launched a buy one get one free ( BOGO ) offer on Galaxy S8 and S8 plus and G6. Get a $500 rebate via email free for purchasing 2 LG G6 mobiles between now to June 8. Another opportunity, avail yourself of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus get a prepaid MasterCard containing the maximum of $750.

Reports we got, says that promotion will start from 12th of May, but we are not sure for how many days reduced the price of LG G6 will remain. But one thing is confirmed that $500 rebate would still apply even the device price is increased. The reduced price of a device is $500 while it has been launched for $650.

Point to be noted in the case of the purchase of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is that purchase of any combination of these mobiles is required on an installment plan. With one of these smartphones being on a new line with “ unlimited ” data. Furthermore, your money will be paid back to you in the form of prepaid MasterCard, credited with maximum $750.

In simple words, the deal is that if you purchase Galaxy S8 Plus as the second phone you will only pay for the Galaxy S8.

Make sure your purchase for LG G6 at “an authorized, participating T-Mobile location in the US / D.C. ” means that don’t buy the devices through a reseller and purchase the product in a single transaction. You can’t purchase two devices at different times. 5 e-checks are limited for per household.

These items are required to apply for the rebate :

“A completed request form, the IMEI of both LG G6 devices, a copy of the purchase receipt, and original IMEI label from the device’s packaging. Purchase receipt must include your printed name, signature, and date of submission.”

Online submissions must be received by July 8, 2017

Get  the T-Mobile submission form here, to fill in after your purchase, and read all the T&Cs here.

Hopefully, you will not miss the chance to get a $500 e-check waiting for you, if not that, a MasterCard with balance of $750 is also available. It is reported that e-check will reach you after 8 weeks after your initial application.


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