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Microsoft commits $500 million for a new startup program that helps start-ups by offering resources

Microsoft is also getting high to nourish the startup ecosystem around the globe. In this regard, the company has committed $500 million for a new and innovative programme with aiming to…

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Michael Kors to stop the use of animal fur in the upcoming collection

Michael Kors to stop the use of animal fur in the upcoming collection. “Due to technological advances in fabrications, we now have the ability to create a luxe aesthetic using…

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Facebook’s Vice President is in Pakistan to discuss subject of Blasphemous Content

In the main progress on the topic of Blasphemous Content, efforts being made for opposing and eradicating sacrilegious content from social media, the Interior Minister received Vice President of Facebook…

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LeneGaathaug joins Telenor Pakistan as Chief Human Resource Officer

Telenor Pakistan announced today that LeneGaathaug has been appointed the new Chief Human Resource Officer effective August 2017. As a Vice President, she will be part of the top management…

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Vice president of Facebook to visit Pakistan next month

Ch Nisar, the minister of Interior very recently revealed that a vice president of Facebook will be visiting Pakistan. The main reason for the visit is to discuss the problems…

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