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In a visionary meeting aimed at advancing opportunities for IT professionals, Tahawee Masood, owner of Tahawee Estate and founder of, has initiated discussions with Bilal Shafique, the Country Head of Soul City Lahore, a leading housing scheme, to explore the potential creation of a dedicated community for IT experts.

The discussion, held at the Soul City Head Office in D.H.A Phase 6, revolved around Tahawee Masood’s proposal to establish a vibrant community that supports and nurtures IT professionals. His vision includes creating a collaborative environment where tech enthusiasts can thrive and innovate.

During the discussion with Editor NetMag Amir Khan, Tahawee Masood shared details about his meeting with Soul City.

“I believe that by fostering a dedicated community for IT professionals, we can accelerate knowledge sharing, skill development, and industry collaboration,” expressed Tahawee Masood during the meeting.

Bilal Shafique responded positively to the idea, highlighting its potential to attract top talent and contribute significantly to the technological landscape of the region. He stressed the importance of such initiatives for sustainable growth.

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Both parties agreed to continue their discussions and explore the feasibility of this initiative, with the possibility of formalizing their collaboration through a Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.U).

“We look forward to further exploring this initiative and working towards its realization,” commented Bilal Shafique after the meeting.

The potential collaboration between Tahawee Masood,, and Soul City Lahore aims to pave the way for innovative programs, networking opportunities, and infrastructure developments tailored to the needs of IT professionals.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of this visionary initiative.

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