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Taiwan condemns ‘evil neighbour’ China over war drills

Taiwan has slammed its “evil neighbour to the north” on Friday, after China has surrounded the island in massive military exercises, which were rejected from the United States and other Western allies.

The military exercises that took place on Thursday, and are scheduled to take place on Friday The military exercises on Thursday witnessed China use ballistics missiles to launch and deploy warships and fighter jets in Taiwan.

The People’s Liberation Army declared multiple dangerous zones that are not to be crossed in Taiwan that lie along some of the busiest shipping routes around the globe and at certain points, close to 20 kilometers of the shores of Taiwan’s island.

Beijing declared the war games the “necessary” in response the trip to the self-governed democratically-governed island made by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but Washington said that China’s leadership were the ones who “chosen to react too strongly”.

Pelosi was adamant about her visit on Friday Pelosi defended her visit on Friday, saying Washington will “not let” China to isolate Taiwan.

“We have made it clear from the beginning that our role here isn’t about changing the status quo in Asia but about altering the status quo in Taiwan,” she told reporters in Tokyo during the last stage of her Asia tour.

Taiwan’s top diplomat, Su Tseng-chang while calling on allies to work for an end to the escalation.

“(We) did not anticipate that our neighbor next door would display its power right at our doorstep and put at risk the busiest rivers in the world by its military drills,” he told reporters.

“We also appeal to nations around the world who respect freedom, peace and democracy to cooperate,” he added.

Missiles over Taiwan

The Chinese military’s exercises included an “conventional missile firepower strike” in the waters east of Taiwan The Chinese military announced. Beijing has confirmed that the drills will continue until noon on Sunday.

The state-owned Chinese Xinhua news agency reported that it was reported that the Chinese military “flew around 100 warplanes, including bombers and fighters” during the exercise and “over 10-destroyers as well as frigates”.

State-owned TV broadcaster CCTV announced that Chinese missiles were flying direct over Taiwan.

Taiwan claimed that it was the Chinese military had fired 11 Dongfeng class ballistic missiles “in various batches” in addition to Japan said that of the nine missiles that it discovered Four were “believed to be flying over Taiwan’s main island”.

The Taipei military has said it will not provide missile flight routes in an effort to safeguard its intelligence capabilities and to not let China “to be a threat to us”.

“Temperature’s pretty high’

China’s government Communist Party views Taiwan as part of its territory, and has promised to conquer it with force if it is necessary.

But the magnitude and the intensity of the drills has triggered outrage across countries like the United States and other democracies.

“China has opted to overreact and use the speaker’s appearance as a reason to intensify aggressive military activities within and in the vicinity of in and around Taiwan Strait,” John Kirby is an official White House spokesman, told reporters.

“The temperatures are pretty high,” however tensions “can be reduced very quickly simply by having the Chinese stop these extremely violent military drills” he said.

Japan submitted an official diplomatic complaint with Beijing in response to five missiles believed to have hit within the special economic zone.

Premier Vice-President Fumio Kishida called China’s exercises the exercises a “serious issue that threatens our security as a nation and the security of all our residents” and demanded an “immediate end to the military exercises.”

However, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that the “flagrant provocation” by the United States had set an “egregious precedent.”

Trade places

Manoeuvers are happening on some of the busiest shipping routes around the globe that are used to deliver crucial electronic equipment and semiconductors manufactured by East Asian factory hubs to international markets.

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The Taiwan Maritime and Port Bureau has advised ships to stay clear of areas used for Chinese drills.

“The closure of these transportation routeseven for a short period of time — can have repercussions not only for Taiwan as well as trade flows linked with Japan as well as South Korea,” Nick Marro who is the Economist Intelligence unit’s principal analyst on global trade wrote in an email.

Taiwan has said that the drills will cause disruption to 18 international routes running through the flight data zone and several airlines from around the world told AFP they’d divert flights.

However, markets in Taipei seemed to have a chance to ward off the tensions. The Taiwan Taiex Shipping and Transportation Index that tracks major airline and shipping stocks, increasing by 2.3 percent early on Friday.

The majority of analysts believe that despite all its aggressive posture, Beijing does not want an active military confrontation with China, the United States and its allies over Taiwan for a while.

“The most important thing Xi wants is for an accidental war to be ignited” Titus Chen, an associate professor of political sciences in Taiwan’s National Sun Yat-Sen University in Taiwan spoke to AFP.


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