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Talent Watch: Pakistani weightlifter wins a gold medal at an international event

Pakistani athletes are capable of so so much and again and again they prove themselves on the international stage, yet so much talent goes unnoticed because our sports ministry does not sponsor our talent. Well we can only hope that this situation gets better for now let’s just celebrate the achievement of an amazing athlete. 

The Pakistani weightlifting sensation, Rabia Shahzad, has brought another honor for her country at yet again another international event. This time, the weightlifter has gotten the gold at the Glasgow Open Classic Weightlifting Championship 2020 and once again she has been a source of immense pride for the country. It was last year our very own Rabia Shahzad, got her hands on the gold medal at the Hampshire Weightlifting Championship which was held in the United Kingdom.

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It should be noted that the female athlete did not get the necessary funds from the government of Pakistan and this once again is a saddening truth of our country, but that did not stop our athlete from making a name for herself and for country, with all the odds against her, she managed to get yet another gold. She took it on Instagram and made a post in which she says “All alone from Karachi to Manchester (in 20 hrs) & then Manchester to Glasgow (in 6 hrs), I have Alhumdulillah been successful in securing a Gold shield in Glasgow Open Classic Weightlifting Championship 2020. Being a girl, travelling & then managing everything during competition was tough, but it was a challenge for me. I absolutely enjoyed it, though there came a time when I wasn’t able to thrive, but Almighty Allah helped!” 

She also added “First of all I am thankful to Allah for giving me energy & strength, then a special thanks to my father who has always supported me & made sure that no shortcomings come my way”. 

It is also worth noting that in addition to her athletic ability, Rabia who is aged 21, currently studies at IBA Karachi and trains independently without depending on any sort of support from the Pakistan Weightlifting Federation. Rabia is sisters with Pakistani badminton sensation Mahnoor Shahzad. Both of our Shahzad sisters have now made the country proud on numerous occasions. 


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