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Taliban inks for gas, oil, wheat agreement with Russia

Taliban is negotiating a pro forma agreement with Russia which will allow Moscow providing gasoline, diesel as well as gas and wheat to Afghanistan the Acting Afghan Commerce and Industry Minister Haji Nooruddin Azizi has informed the Reuters news agency.

Azizi told reporters on Tuesday that his ministry was trying to diversify its trading partners. He also said that Russia has provided the Taliban administration discounts on global average price of commodities.

Azizi stated that the deal will include Russia providing around 100,000 tonnes of fuel as well as 1 million tons of diesel and 500 tonnes of petroleum liquefied gases and 2 million tons of wheat per year.

Azizi stated that the agreement was to run for an unspecified trial period. After that, both parties would be expected to sign a more long-term arrangement if they were satisfied with the agreement.

The deal was concluded in the wake of the Afghan technical team had spent several weeks in talks in Moscow and then remained following Azizi visited the city last month.

This move, which is the first significant international economic deal signed through by Taliban since it came back to power over one year ago, may aid in easing its isolation , which has isolated it from the world banking system.

There is no formal recognition for the Taliban who led a 20-year war against Western forces as well as the local Afghan allies before taking over Kabul after US troops retreated.

Russia doesn’t officially recognize the Taliban’s administration, however Moscow hosted the leaders of the group prior until the collapse of Kabul and its embassy is among the few operational inside Afghanistan. Afghan capital.

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Afghans “in desperate need’

Since the Taliban returned to control, Afghanistan has been plunged into a recession following the cut of development aid on the nation was cut as well as the ensuing sanctions that have put a stop to the banking sector.

The trade agreement is likely to be closely watched by the United States, whose officials regularly meet with the Taliban about strategies for the nation’s bank system.

Washington have announced establishment of an Swiss trust fund for a portion portions of Afghan reserve of central banks within the United States.

The Taliban has demanded that the entire amount of $7 billion. They also said that the funds must be used to fund Central bank activities.

Azizi claimed that international statistics showed that the majority of Afghans lived in poverty, as well as his bureau was working hard to promote the economy and trade by utilizing international outreach.

“Afghans are in great need,” he declared.

“Whatever we do, we do it based on national interest and the people’s benefit.”

He explained that Afghanistan also received oil and gas and oil from Iran in addition to Turkmenistan and also had close trade relations with Pakistan However, it was also looking to diversify.

“A country … shouldn’t be dependent on just one country, we should have alternative ways,” he added.


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