TCS ECOM and Yayvo & Sentiments Express offering job opportunities

TCS ECOM which is the Pakistan’s leading Logistics Company with its subsidiaries Yayvo & Sentiments Express. They recently have announced more than 30 job opportunities in the technology sector of Pakistan.

You can avail this chance as the jobs are now opened for their Karachi offices.

The head office of TCS ECOM is in Karachi and the company is planning to extend its footmarks and functions to other cities crossways Pakistan.

TCS is working on two diversify business model and activities. The company is working with the motto of offering customer satisfaction, employee motivation, and technological innovation. On the top of it, they never compromise on the quality of services they provide to their target and potential customer across the country. made its way into the industry in April last year. Now it is amongst the fastest growing e-commerce startups in Pakistan. With major campaigns like Black Friday, PSL and Ismay Shopping Day, the set up is looking to promote and to expand its operations all the way.

Sentiments Express distributes tokens of love and admiration to those beloved to us. Making its promise true, Sentiments Express creates happiness for its customers nationwide and in the UAE for more than two decades.

With a culture that promotes equality, entrepreneurship and diversity the organization are innovative itself.

TCS ECOM has taken on its own to build up a culture that creates value and inspires the guts of belonging and reinforces the grounds of providing top-notch service to its target customers.

With the plan of expansion, TCS ECOM is looking to build up its talent pool in accord to their business needs. For this reason, the organization is looking for energized individuals to turn out to be a part of their team.

You can apply for following open positions.

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Software Architect
  • Software Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer

To get further information regarding positions and placements, kindly visit

The company is in search of an individual with bring-it-on approach who is willing to handle all kinds of challenges and work demands. TCS ECOM hiring strategy is about for those who have an eagle’s eye for the “passionately pagal” batch making the hiring procedure straightforward yet competitive.

If you are really interested in to get above mentions positions at TCS ECOM, one needs to have well experienced and competent technical skills, the combination of can-do attitude with the true soft skills.

TCS always offers its employees the best incentive packages and great opportunities to grow. They have a diversified and distinctive culture of fun and work.

So if you thinking this would be a dream job for your career then what are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab this opportunity!


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