Home Business TDAP’S first online directory provides extensive online database

TDAP’S first online directory provides extensive online database

TDAP’S first online directory provides extensive online database

Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP)  develops its first online Pakistan Exporters’ Directory. The directory is now available online both on TDAP’s website or at www.pakistanexportersdirectory.gov.pk.

An extensive online database is provided by this directory. The database that can prove to be useful in assisting buyers who source their requirements from Pakistan. For this purpose,  exporters’ data has been extracted from Pakistan Customs’ records. The records are as recent as the previous year,  that ensures authenticity and credibility.

An elaborate search facility is being provided by the directory based on three key parameters.

In the directory,  companies have been placed into large,  medium and small categories, that base on their annual export turnovers.

Foreign buyers and local companies will be facilitated by this categorized directory in the establishment of mutual beneficial communications and linkages. It is also expected that directory will promote export companies in Pakistan by making available relevant details regarding their products, export performances and profiles to foreign buyers. This will contribute to enhancing exports from Pakistan,  in return.

By the TDAP,  information in the directory will be regularly updated on the basis of annual export data for coming years and received inputs from stakeholders. The new companies are allowed in the directory to become the part of it, hile existing companies can fill any information gaps by completing online forms or get their data updated online.

During the second phase of the directory,  it’s functionality will be developed.  And in the second phase of its development, its scope will get enlarged out of the addition of several new features and improve the existing ones based on users’ feedback.


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