In Pakistan, entrepreneurship is amongst the most rapidly increasing phenomenon. In just a few years’ time, the industry is shaping up quite impressively. Incubation centers have been established, mentors are available to help and guide the budding talent of Pakistan with their business ideas. Mr. Kanwal Masroor, the Chairman of TECH Pakistan recently conducted a session at Sukkur Institute of Business Administration. The session was loaded with great ideas, amazing enthusiasm and some astounding concluding points. Mr. Masroor’s session highlights the following pointers:

  1. a) Introduction Of TECH Pakistan And How It’s Objectives Are Aligned With Students’:

Mr. Masroor started with his life’s journey. He shared how he overcame numerous challenges and practically proved that for the establishment of a sound business, the most important element is not the capital but an idea. Idea is the key to form and run any successful business. He also introduced that TECH Pakistan is providing assistance and guidance to multiple students who have genuine and unique ideas for establishing and building businesses.

  1. b) Follow SMART & Be Smart:

For students it is significant to follow SMART approach, to become smart achievers. This means that students should have business goals which are;






Without any specific goal or objective in mind, no business can prosper. It is integral for students to keep their business idea specific. Plus, measuring all the pros and cons with understanding the proper direction of the business to attain desired results. Mr. Masroor shared the importance of relevant and time-specific business ideas. In addition to these, there were many other vital points which were highlighted, given as under:


  1. c) For a business formation and its establishment, ideas are the key to ponder on. A good and solid idea has the tendency to get noticed and derive results.
  2. d) Business students can turn their reports and assignments into actual workable business plans. How can this be done? Well, that’s pretty simple, you need to research and come up with interesting ideas to form a brand of your own.
  3. e) For viable business, you need to work extra, as you will be able make a living out of it. So, take some extra responsibility on your shoulders rather than scoring good grades.
  4. f) Challenges come with startups, but you need to be prepared to accept them and fight them. Challenges don’t always come from external environment i.e. your peers, colleagues and opponents but also from internal sources i.e. your family and friends. One should be ready to face them. Don’t lose heart and never leave the ground. Be consistent.
  5. g) TECH Pakistan provides mentoring to students and guides them in the corredct direction to meet success.

TECH Pakistan & IBA Sukkur Collaboration:

The session conducted by TECH Pakistan at IBA Sukkur was a great initiative that resulted in some amazing notes. TECH Pakistan signed an MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) with IBA Sukkur which will unfold some great collaboration and plans in future.

In addition to that, TECH Pakistan is also planning to initiate Faculty Training on Commercialization of business ideas with IBA Sukkur. This will be a revolutionary step for the students, as they will be able to start their own businesses right from their researched projects. This way, professionals associated with academic side will be able to collaborate with thorough business professionals to generate results which will benefit the economic growth of Pakistan.

Great excitement was witnessed in the Q and A session from students’ end. We hope that there will be greater programs which will be launched and introduced under this collaboration.


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