TECH Pakistan and Momentum signed a MoU to enter an understanding for benefiting each other at different levels.

November 10th, 2016 saw both companies come together for the memorandum of understanding to help each other with the give and take – as regarded by many the rules on which companies operate and succeed in the work market.

As per the document, it was agreed by Momentum Connect Pvt. Ltd. that they will be giving space to the startups on subsidized special rate in their exhibition startup corner. Additionally, it was also agreed that they will be offering discounted tools and grants for the startups from their partnering companies. The memorandum also discussed about special representation to be provided by Momentum in inaugural session.

TECH Pakistan’s acknowledgement with the pointers mentioned in the document are based on key facts like; participation of their startups in exhibition and in the competition, placement of event standees and promotional material within their office space to allow visitors to know, speaker session with their startups, banners and recognition on social media to spread word regarding the event and more.

Momentum Connect is Pakistan’s leading startup conference known for providing a stage to entrepreneurs to help them get their setup started in the country. Startups usually face financial issues in the start. But thanks to Momentum that through its ‘Eco System Feeders’, the startups will have lesser financial burden to allow them to proceed with their work.

TECH Pakistan on the other hand, is a technological association, based in Pakistan, solely setup to help emerging entrepreneurs, young minds to flourish and get an ideal setup in Pakistan. The organization aims to bridge the gap between these techy heads, startups and technological sector for the improvement and better recognition everywhere.

It is believed that the collaboration between the two companies will bring about a positive outlook for startups and entrepreneurs to seek ways for prospering and becoming giants!


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