TECH Pakistan participated in a superb event held at Bahria University. The event “BIC 4th Launchpad Plan9” was organized by the university and took place at Al Beruni Auditorium. The fabulous and cheerful students participated with their full might. So were the representatives, the students who were the face of the event as they initiated with a phenomenal start, greeting professionals from different sectors of the industry and applauding them to come to stage and share their outstanding views.

The back drop had a beautiful sentence written, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”. The idea behind this line is to focus on what one loves. Because with that comes the ability to succeed and work with full might.

The Event

 Among the partners of “BIC 4th Launchpad Plan9” were The Nest, Open, British Council, Injaz, and the one and only TECH Pakistan. Professionals from these companies were present in the event who came one by one to speak. They represented the company as well as talked about the event, giving students a message to work and succeed in life.


The idea of the event was motivation for students who graduate and seek to start working. The speakers urged to understand the importance of their love for work. When the vision is clear then there is nothing that can stop from achieving it.

TECH Pakistan’s Representation

 Mr. Zeeshan Rehman – The Vice President of TECH Pakistan represented the association along with Mr. Muneel Ali – The Social Media Marketer and Content Developer from TECH’s Content Platform. The vice president gave a phenomenal speech which was loved by the audience in great numbers.


He talked about the skills which every individual is born with. He talked about the importance of this skill-set and how an individual can utilize it in his work to become successful. Connecting it with TECH Pakistan’s objectives, Mr. Zeeshan spoke on the excellent work this association is doing for encouraging startups to begin their work. He welcomed graduating students to take initiative in their entrepreneurial skills for becoming the stars of tomorrow.

The last remarks by him were, “I congratulate Bahria University and the honorable organizers and speakers in giving TECH the chance to associate with the university for providing effective services”.


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