Affected or weak eyesight is a serious thing. According to a survey in every family, 50% of individuals are affected with refractive illnesses. In Pakistan, there is a serious need of educating people about problems related eyesight. Short and long sightedness are very common. There are individuals who are dependent on specs and their life is incomplete without their glasses. In Pakistan, we are fortunate enough to have the most advanced treatment for eye care which is known as Topo Guided Lasik. This procedure is very beneficial for the patients and people suffering from refractive illnesses or diseases.

Topo Guided Lasik is a refractive procedure which is free from any pain and hassle. The entire treatment for both eyes does not take more than 15 minutes. The after-care of this procedure is very easy; a patient is advised to take a good nap of 4 to six hours and then they can resume their daily routine tasks without wearing specs. This looks like a magic to those who have gone under treatment for eye related diseases and operations back in 90’s and even 2000’s. In Pakistan, only one hospital is providing the Topo Guided Lasik procedure and that is Hashmanis Hospital. Hashmanis is the pioneer of Topo Guided Lasik surgery in Pakistan and has performed over 50,000 procedures successfully.

There are 7 hospitals in Pakistan under the umbrella of Hashmanis and they are all providing detailed assessment and information related to the topo-guided Lasik. In case you don’t have the time to visit the hospital the most convenient thing for you is to discuss details related to Lasik via Skype; Hashmanis provide free assessment and information sharing through Skype under the supervision of qualified and experienced professionals.

Recently, Hashmanis operated a patient for topo-guided surgery and it went viral on Facebook Live. The entire surgery was shown to the public making them realise that how painless and quick this procedure is. In case you want to view that surgery you can visit the Facebook Page of Hashmanis and find that post on 18th February’s feed.

It is good to know that Pakistan’s eye-care industry is developing and doing very well. We have the technology of international level and we should be proud of that.


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