So it has been a known fact that technology as we know it is considered as the advancement of our generation and it has made our society much more smarter, advanced and competitive. But with all great things come its dire consequences, well this great advancement has also brought with it some bad affects on the human mind. Technology is completely dominating the society in this modern generation and well we as a society have to admit it that we are overconsuming this great advance. I mean if you think about it company’s such as Samsung and Huawei come up with new devices almost every month, to stay up to date with the generation, that is how much over-consumption of technology is being carried out. The worse affect is truly the affect and control it has gained over the modern generation.

Cellphone companies should just admit it, they are worse off then tobacco farmers, Major companies are selling an addictive product to the modern generation and its not just cell-phones, various social media platforms app developers should also be considered guilty In this regard. Smoking had an adverse affect on your health and more conclusively on the lungs of a person, technology is straight up controlling the souls of the masses and well less face it, checking your phone for how many likes is the new smoking nowadays. It has been reported that an average millennial checks his or her phone about 150 times a day and if you think about it the moment you wake up the thought process going on your mind is completely technology orientated, you don’t care about your breakfast, nor what’s going on in your household,  the first thing you want to check is the notifications you may or may not have gotten on your phone.

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Furthermore another fact states that the average person checks his or her phone about every 15 minutes and most of the time there are no notifications or alerts its just the way your mind has been programmed by technology to carry out literally point blank tasks. Now im sure you all know the feeling you get when you haven’t checked up on your phone or your battery is dying etc, the amount of anxiety that builds up? Well you all can thank you cellphone manufacturer and operator for that.

Want to know another interesting fact, Im sure you all know Steve Jobs, the man practically revolutionized technology as we know it yet he prohibited the use of the iPad for his kids saying that “we limit the use of technology in our household”. Just look at the affect this way, people sitting at a restaurant all hailing from the same household, now you would expect them to engage in conversation right? Well that is not the case anymore everyone is so busy with technology that they have forgotten the basic manures.

One of the worst thing technology does for me is the fact that it is making a person someone who he is not, everybody is a wannabe nowadays and if you think of it from my point of view you would agree. I mean I look at Snapchat and I see the whole concept of someone your not everyday, pictures with high-end cars, partying all night just to impress people that don’t even know you! We all our great consumers but we are poor producers to. When was the last time we did something productive huh? Technology as we know it is killing the way we feel, the way we see the world and our thought process, as we know it and there is nothing we are doing to change that.

Technology taking over the minds of our generation?

Im sure you are all aware of the Facebook 10 year challenge right? Well here’s my challenge to you, just try and see how it goes if you don’t use your phone for one whole week and you will understand everything I just said. Its time to admit that while technology made us do wonders it is also taking us backwards if you think about it.


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