Technology’s role in a Child’s life

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The internet and mobile phones have had a massive impact over the decade or so. This impact has a had a positive effect on our youth, as well as a negative effect. It seems as if now, constant use of technology is not only a constant part of an adult’s life but also a child’s life. Hence, it is important for adults, parents especially to be well advised over how to treat children who are influenced by the usage of technology.

The types of websites that our children might visit may have a very negative effect upon them, and this negative effect might spread through society. There are some ways that you can control your child’s usage of the internet, hence making sure that your child does not do anything he is not supposed to do. So, let’s just discuss some steps that you can take to ensure that your child is safe from all that is wrong on the internet.

First of all, you should make sure that your child is well informed. Yes, having those talks regarding pornographic content on the internet might seem as very uncomfortable, but trust me when I tell you, it is indeed very important. So it is your job as a parent that your child knows best to keep away from such things.

Another way you can protect your child is by monitoring your child’s activities. If you think that your child is doing something which is deemed wrong, you should monitor the situation, to make sure whether or not something really is wrong or not. This might seem as spying or infringement of one’s privacy, but sometimes, this may seem necessary, after all, it is for the sake of your own child.

One extremely important thing which should be made clear to your child is that they can talk to you. Being a parent or a guardian does not necessarily always mean that you can not be their friend. Be the child’s friend, and let them know that they can always talk to you, even if they are in deep trouble.


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