Coming with a slick and beautiful design, the TecnoCamon X Pro is currently available in Pakistan, after its launch in May. The phone has had mixed reviews until now, with some suggesting that a phone is a great option considering the price tag, while the critics suggesting that the company has put too much of their work in the camera department of the phone when other things could have been looked at. So how good exactly is the phone? And is it worth your buck? Here I will give you the complete review of the TecnoCamon X Pro.

Design & Display
Taking into consideration the design and durability of the phone, the phone can easily fit into one hand, and the design is as such that the phone is not that prone to scratches. Hence it is safe to say that even if you drop the phone once or twice, there isn’t too much to worry about.

TecnoCamon X Pro Review - A challenging midranger with reasonable specs

Let’s talk a bit about the phone’s screen. The phone comes with a 6 inch HD plus screen, with a pixel density of 440ppi. The screen on the phone is absolutely beautiful. The color reproduction of the screen is fantastic, while the touch response is very accurate.


The company has made the camera the main selling point of the phone, so that will be what I mostly talk about, however, there will also be other considerations. The phone comes with a 24MP selfie camera and a 16MP rear camera. As suggested by the camera, it’s easy to see why the company boasts so much about the camera. The color reproduction and saturation of the photos taken by the phone are sweet, and colors are really brought out to life with photos taken by this phone. It won’t be too unjust to say that some photos taken by the phone are overexposed, however even with that in mind, it won’t be wrong to say that the phone captures stunning photos. There is also an option for the superpixel mode, this produces shots with vivid photos and great details. This mode further enhances the already great photos taken by the phone.

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Video recording on the rear camera is capped at 1080p and the videos were taken by the camera also look extremely good, however, you would have to have stable hands, or perhaps a tripod if you want to make the most out of the shots


With regards to the selfie camera, some of the photos taken are a bit too bright, and again, this is as a result of the overexposure issue talked about earlier. However, the images are detailed, and a beauty mode that can be enabled is used to take smooth shots for people who have pimples, or perhaps freckles on their faces.


Enough about the cameras though. Let’s talk a little bit about the battery. The phone comes with a nonremovable 3750 mAh battery, and to be honest, the battery is quite impressive. Even after a days usage, you can expect around 30-40 percent battery still left. Charging the phone from 0 to 100 percent takes around 2 hours, which isn’t too bad when you consider the point that the phone can easily last you a day, with the battery still left, (on moderate to heavy usage).

Overall Performance

Taking into consideration the performance of the phone, the TecnoCamon X Pro handles regular app openings and switching between apps with utter ease. While the performance with apps is quite impressive, where the phone might lag a bit is when playing high graphics games. Most games run with ease, however, there may be some games where the performance might lag a bit. Loading games might also take a long time, however, once the game is launched, more often than not they run smoothly. Usage of normal apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchatetc is very smooth though, as mentioned earlier.


The device performed exceptionally in the Geekbench 4 benchmarking tests competing closely with champs like Galaxy S8 and Huawei Mate 10. Camon X Pro scored 3581 on Multi-core comparison table.

Key Specifications

Last but not least, if you’re interested in the specs side of things, the TecnoCamon X Pro comes with 4.00GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, 24MP selfie, and 16MP rear cameras, a 3750 mAhbattery, 2160X1080 screen, and is present with Android O, straight out of the box.


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