TEDxLUMS 2018 Attracts a Large Audience. The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) MBA Entrepreneurship Executive Club organised TEDxLUMS 2018on a grandeur scale this year. TEDxLUMS is an initiative undertaken by the LUMS MBA Entrepreneurship Executive Society and aims to bring the TED spirit to LUMS.

The theme of the programme was ‘Breaking Stereotypes’ and hosted a number of talks by a diverse group of successful individuals from various walks of life. Quratulain Babur, the curator of TEDxLUMS, opened the event with a welcome note, thanking all involved in making the event a huge success. The inauguration was followed by the first keynote speaker session of the conference, Idea CroronKa’s Nabeel Qadeer, an entrepreneur who spoke about the mind-setnecessary for making a successful entrepreneur. He also shared his journey of successfully bringing his ‘Idea CroronKa’ to life. He said, “IDEA (Impact, Discussion, Energy and Awareness), is the formula that one must follow to learn innovation and I am grateful to LUMS for inviting me to share my experience and expertise.”

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Next up, model and actress Zainab Qayoomnarrated her life story, filled with ups and downs, in her typical witty fashion, leaving the entire audience laughing profoundly and breaking out in applause throughout. The event continued with more inspirational talks from mountaineer Sa’ad Mohamed; Raj Kumar, the first Pakistani to win the Emerging Young Leaders Award; author and activist Tanzila Khan; social scientist and activist and curator of Lahore’s famous International Banned Books Week, Reza Naeem; and Dr. Yasar Ayaz, renowned NUST professor and Pakistan’s biggest name in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Speaking to the audience, Quratulain Babur said, “An event like this addresses a very serious and prevalent issue of associating unreal perceptions with others; that all of us have been a victim of once or more during our lives. We are proud to provide a platform through TEDxLUMS to encourage ourselves and others to not judge people through the prism of our own stereotypes.”

Over 300 people from all across the country attended the event; 4,500 watched the event live worldwide on the TEDxLUMS Facebook page. The event concluded with special music performances by All Girls Band from Nescafé Basement and the musical duo, Ali & Muneeb. The Music Society of LUMS graced the stage as well with their performance.

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