Telecom Companies Announce Huge Increase in call and Internet package rates

Telecom Companies Announce Huge Increase in call and Internet package rates

Cellular mobile Companies have yet again increased the rates of data and call package. Jazz, Zong, and Telenor have all seen increases in the rates of data and calls.

The second time following the minibudget that was announced in January 2022 that businesses have increased their rates for internet and call plans.

According to retailers and shopkeepers the companies have begun implementing these new prices. The firms increase their load of super from the current Rs. 50 to the amount of Rs. 100. The various data and internet packages are now priced from the price of Rs. 10 to Rs. 25. The rates for monthly call packages have been raised. The prices on monthly calls have increased from the amount of Rs. 40 to Rs. 100. The rates for weekly all-in-one packages were raised from 10 to Rs. 10.10 to Rs. 20.

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In January, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government passed the minibudget which raised the tax on withholding by 10 to 15%, against the wishes of the telecom industry.

As per Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) previously, the biggest telecom firm was allowed to increase their rate of packages, but in the past few months, other companies were allowed to increase rates of package services subject to PTA approval.

This authority shared the tariff regulations with mobile phone companies. Following the regulation’s implementation, CMOs must obtain approval before increasing rates of internet and call package.


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